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Established in 1964, Hotel Sri Velmurugan has since become a historical landmark in the neighbourhood. Initially, the Propreitor Mr. Ramachandran seeing the lack of a good restaurant in the area, decided to open up a restaurant catering to the needs of the local populace serving hot and delicious vegetarian meals for cheap. In 1980s, restaurants in Ooty were a budding industry and Hotel Sri Velmurugan was one of the earliest and only quality restaurants in the area. Our early patrons included labourers who were participating in the export of carrots and potatoes from Ooty who required early morning refreshments before they had to go to work.

Hotel Sri Velmurugan - SideView - about
Hotel Sri Velmurugan - SideView 2 about

Then the mid 1980s saw an influx of patrons who were Government employees sent to The Nilgiris, including those from the local District Collectorate, who were put up in lodges and were regular customers at Hotel Sri Velmurugan. The growth of the Government Arts College in Ooty in the 1990s saw an influx of students who wanted a hearty lunch heading to Hotel Sri Velmurugan. Our signature dish of the times was the “Full Meals” dish which was an unlimited serving of rice and side dishes for a fixed price available from early afternoon to late in the night.

Due to growing demands for non-vegetarian options, Mr. Ramachandran opened Velmurugan’s Chicken Mess, an adjoining restaurant catering non-veg options. Soon, the Velmurugan brand further expanded to Velmurugan Tea Stall specializing in Hot Tea and Coffee with snacks, and Panorama Lodge & Restaurant. He also ran the canteen facilities and bakery at CSI College of Engineering – the only Enginnering College in The Nilgiris from 1999 to 2005. The year 2005 saw the consolidation of these separate restaurants into what is now Hotel Sri Velmurugan. Mr. Ramachandran also served in the Tamil Nadu Hotel Owner’s Association as the Treasurer, helping shape the culture and growth of Hotels in the Nilgiris District.

Hotel Sri Velmurugan - Proprieter - Ramachandran
Propreitor Mr. Ramachandran
Hotel Sri Velmurugan - Front View - Gallery

Starting from the 2000s, Hotel Shri Velmurugan has been slowly transforming to cater to increasing tourists visiting the Hill Station. Today at Hotel Shri Velmurugan we still pride ourselves in still using traditional methods to prepare South Indian dishes, thus maintaining the same taste as we did for more than 50 years! We strive to keep use traditional methods exclusively which sets us apart from other modernized restaurants which have increasingly industrialized the restaurant business in Ooty. Today, our restaurant is a local landmark and well known throughout Ooty for its delicious and homely South Indian Cuisine at very afordable prices.

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